Mold Removal Methods

There are different mold removal methods that are used during different situations during the remediation process. While there may be one way to remove the mold from one piece of building material, there may be a completely different method with a separate type of material.

It gets a little confusing so don’t worry we got a guide for different removal methods:

  1. Remove Mold With Heat You can actually kill mold with extreme heat. And when I say extreme heat, I mean really hot! There are times where you may not want to use heat though so be careful!

  2. Removing Mold From The Shower Ceiling The shower is designed to get wet, but the shower ceiling is not. There are times where it needs to be cleaned and times where it needs to be removed so there are certain ways to go about it

  3. Removing Mold from Air Conditioning Vents One of the most misunderstood mold issues is mold on air conditioning vents. There is a way to remove it, and it’s very easy.

  4. Removing Mold on Leather Mold loves leather more than just about any other clothing material. Leather is very delicate though so you can’t just put anything on it to remove it.

  5. Removing Mold From Clothes -The method of removing mold on clothes can be quite complicated. You need to know when to clean it and when to dispose it. There are certain times where you just can’t save the clothes unfortunately.

  6. Removing Mold in The Bathroom can be tricky. One on hand you hand many different areas that can leak including the shower, toilet, and vanity. But then on the other hand you sometimes have mold resistant materials. Knowing when you should remove the building material is very important.

  7. Air Duct Cleaning for Mold HVAC duct cleaning does not fall under traditional mold remediation. It’s usually done by a professional HVAC contractor. However, there are times and methods where duct cleaning is not feasible

  8. Removing Mold on Carpet can be one of the toughest things to remove mold from because mold spores can be hidden deep in the carpet. It acts as a reservoir of mold spores and if the carpet has been wet for longer than a day, chances are it can’t be salvaged. Nevertheless, if it’s something, there are ways it can be removed.

  9. Mold fogging is a process of applying a solution made of fungicide and distilled water in the air to kill aerosolized mold spores and knock them down to the ground.