About Lookmold & Brad Fishbein

Are you worried about possibly having mold in your home?

Lookmold.com was created by Brad Fishbein.

Brad has been a Florida licensed Mold Assessor since the licensed existence in 2011.

Having spent over a decade in the mold industry, he saw many homeowners that have been taken for a "ride" by unethical Mold Remediation companies.

There are tons of myths associated with mold growth in home's that Brad and his team would like to dispell.

Having basic knowledge in the mold industry can help ensure the health of people within your home, as well as save you thousands of dollars in mold remediation costs.

Brad has consulted with many Mold professionals and continues in an ongoing basis to create that absolute best information on Lookmold.com.

How Can Lookmold.com Help You?

In most cases, many building occupants have misconceptions about mold.

There have been many cases where Brad came across an estimate provided to the homeowner by a mold remediation contractor where they were recommending about $50,000 worth of work which was completely unnecessary.

There have been other cases where the homeowner maybe thought that their mold issue was not a very big deal at all and it wound up they had thousands of dollars worth of damage plus their health was being compromised.

Lookmold.com is filled with information that mold remediation companies don't want you to know insurance companies...

Everything that is written on this site, is for the sole purposes of helping you!

Still, have questions? Feel free to contact me!