MyMoldDetective Review

There’s been a ton of buzz in the mold industry about a product out there that has professionals pretty concerned and nervous.

And I am here to tell anybody in the mold or water damage restoration industry it shouldn’t…

There is always going to be a need for mold professionals as mold problems will need to be resolved by somebody that knows what they are doing.

That being said:

A way to save the normal homeowner or tenant hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars is here.

It is called My Mold Detective (Click Here For Current Pricing On Amazon).

But keep reading, there are certain things that you must know before investing in this product. While it is a tool to determine a problem in your home, it is not the end all – be all to solving your mold and air quality issues.

So let’s dive right in and determine if this product is right for you and what you are trying to accomplish.

In this My Mold Detective review, I am going to tell you everything that you need to know about the product:

  • What is it
  • What it does
  • My Mold Detective Vs. Other DIY Mold Test Kits
  • Why you should buy it
  • Why you shouldn’t buy it
  • Where to get it

So if you are the everyday consumer and have heard about this product, or maybe you are in the industry and want to hear what all the fuss is about, this is something you just HAVE to read.
my mold detective review

What Is My Mold Detective?

My Mold Detective is an affordable solution for the average homeowner that would like to test the indoor air quality in their home for mold.

It comes with a pump, 2 cassettes for air samples and a tape sample (pictured above) to identify mold that you would find on building material or contents in the building.

It is an electric piece of equipment that requires no batteries and can be plugged into any outlet in the area you would like to test for mold spores in the air. It’s essentially the same technology that an indoor air quality professional uses in your home to test for mold.

You can test for not only mold in the air but directly on surfaces where you think mold is present with the tape sample provided.

Once you take the samples, you will then send them off to a laboratory in a pre-paid envelope where they will be analyzed under a microscope to determine:

  • How much mold is present
  • What species of mold is present

Here’s the good news:

You won’t be stuck trying to read some scientific report about mold spores that you need to be a microbiologist to understand!

The lab sends you a report via email that is meant for the most simple of people to be able to comprehend.

It is color coded and will flat out tell you if a mold spore count is elevated or considered normal.

What Does My Mold Detective Do?


I am going to attempt to dummy down the science of how it works.

…Truthfully, it probably doesn’t really matter to you as long as you know it does work and is accurate.

So if you are interested in the technology behind My Mold Detective than keep reading this section.

If not…

Then skip below!


So here’s the thing:

In most homes, you will find some sort of mold spores present in the ambient air.

It is completely normal…

After all, we carry mold spores on our clothes, within our furniture, etc..

There are no threshold limits set by government agencies explaining what is considered low, normal or elevated.


There usually in most cases actually be more mold spores outdoors than indoors. That is why we will sample both indoor and outdoor samples to use as a baseline.

What The Pump Actually Does

First things first:

You need to place one of the provided cassettes on the pump.

Make sure all doors and windows are closed and have been closed for at least a few hours prior to running the pump.

Once you press the button, the pump will use negative air (sucking the air) into the middle of the cassette where there is a sticky substance.

my mold detective setup

In that tiny cassette, there is actually 75 Liters of air that was sucked in.

Think about how much 75 liters is, kind of a lot right?

Well, you will seal off the cassette and then you will register your project on My Mold Detective’s website.

All that you have to do is then send your sample in the pre-paid envelope with the confirmation number provided to you by My Mold Detective and then within a few days you will receive your mold report directly to your email.

It’s that simple!

What The Tape Lift Does

The tape lift is used to determine if there is mold directly at the source of either a piece of building material (ex: drywall, wood, flooring) or on personal contents (ex: clothes, furniture, shoes).

Using the tape lift is pretty simple.

my mold detective tape

You just have to peel back the cover on the sticky part,

put it directly on the surface and seal it up.

This will be part of the report as well if you wanted to test directly on an area or content.

**\ Lab fees do apply when sending* your samples for analyzation

My Mold Detective Vs. Other DIY Mold Test Kits

dyi mold tests my mol detective vs. others

There are tons of mold inspection kits on the market.

…And I am here to tell you most of them are completely worthless!

You see:

Most of the outdated culture samples that are sold in places like Home Depot in Lowes are Petri dishes that you leave out in your home for a certain duration of time.

The other DIY Mold Kits do two main things:

  • Tell you that there is some mold in your home which is pretty much a given
  • Scares you because it gives you a visual of mold in the petri dish.

Somebody can tell you that you have mold in your home, but if you actually see it yourself, you will get a reaction.

It is completely normal that the petri dish provided by the at home mold test look something like this:

mold on pertri dishes

That does not mean you have a “mold problem”

How My Mold Detective Is Different

My Mold Detective is the uses the new and latest technology that professional mold companies use to determine how much mold is present in the home. The lab report will not only tell you how much mold is present but what kind of mold and that is the key.

Certain mold spores are much more dangerous than others.

You hear people refer to a certain type of mold called “Black Toxic Mold” and how it can harm humans.

Well, guess what?

There is a scientific term for that species of mold called Stachybotrys.

My Mold Detective will tell you if this spore and other dangerous spores are present as well as how much of it.

Why You Should Buy My Mold Detective

Well, Let me say this nicely…

Mold Inspections are not cheap!

Often times there are also not even necessary.

You see:

People get concerned about having mold in there home when they hear either a friend, family member or neighbor having mold in their home.

What most people fail to understand is that mold doesn’t just grow within their home.

It needs a water source, high humidity and a porous object for mold to grow on.

If you have not had a leak in your home in you simply just want to check the air quality within your home, My Mold Detective is a much cheaper option than having a mold inspection performed.

People Who Have Allergies

Maybe you or one of your children have an allergy to a particular type of mold…

…That may also be a reason to use My Mold Detective over getting a mold assessment completed.

Your lab report will break down how much of that particular species of mold that somebody is allergic to is present in your home.

At that point, you can then contact a professional to determine the best source of action to improve the air quality within the house or place of business.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy My Mold Detective

It is not recommended that you use your hard earned money on this item if you know you already have a mold problem in your home.

If you have something in your home that maybe looks like this:

mold on the walls

You need to have a professional company visit your home for further testing and remediation (you also likely will need to vacate the home!).

If you have other areas of suspected leaks, you should have a licensed mold inspector visit your home to determine if there is indeed a mold problem.

The good news if you do have a mold problem and need remediation is that your insurance company will more than likely cover the cost of the mold testing.

Bottom line:

If you suspect you have a serious mold problem, call a professional.

Where To Buy My Mold Detective

My Mold Detective as of right now is not available in any of the main home improvement stores.

You can order My Mold Detective On Amazon Clicking Here.

It will get delivered to your home within days and you can determine the air quality in your home.

This My Mold Detective Review should have provided you the answer in determining if you are a good candidate to purchase this product.

Have you used this product?

We want to hear from you what your experiences!

Leave a comment below…